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Poker Players Are Strange!

March 12th, 2015
Written by PokerGod

Throwing Money AwayI’ve tried to figure this out but it eludes me. Why do players say.. “I’m beat but I’m going to call you anyways.”? Do they like giving their money away? If you do this then let me give you my PayPal email address and just send me your money and save yourself a trip to the casino.

First off, we all have instincts, these are gained through life experiences. You play poker for many years and your instincts get honed. Now you are in a pot and your instinct (which is basically your computer brain analyzing all the info on the hand and how a player played and acted) tell you that you are beat. Instead of listening to it, you say that stupid saying and just throw your money away.

Start believing in yourself and give yourself more credit. That’s what poker is all about. Trying to figure out what your opponent has and then deciding if you are beat or not. If you know you are beat, throw the hand away! You’ll definately come out ahead in the long run (provided of course you are usually right when you get your feeling).

Don’t Play A Hand Just Because It’s Suited

March 7th, 2015
Written by PokerGod

Big Cards SuitedYou hear it all the time, I played it because it was suited. Suited cards are probably the most overated cards there are and here’s why.

I ran a simulation once on the odds of any two suited cards making a flush BEFORE the flop. Now I did now say, win the hand, but just make a flush before the hand was over (after all five community cards were on the board).

The odds came out to 15-1. Now it doesn’t take a math wizard to see that with eight opponents at the table it is impossible to come out ahead playing hands just because they are suited. Remember, that still doesn’t guarantee you will win (unless you play the Ace high suited only).

So the next time you get two suited cards, increase your chances of winning by playing suited cards only if they are two HIGH suited cards, or suited connectors in a late position when a lot of other players have alredy called. All other suited cards belong in the muck!


July 4th, 2014
Written by admin

The headlines scream, “80% of players believe a shot clock should be used”. Lol.. you have to love the sheep that are being led to the slaughter in this scam.

In a tournament, 100% pay to play, yet only 20% or so go home with profits. 80% are losers. It is probably these 80% yelling for a Shot Clock because they have no game.

Poker is about bluffing, acting (hollywooding), reading tells, and so much more than just playing cards. This is why the top 20% of poker players feel a Shot Clock is a scam and a detriment to the game.

shot clock

Poker shot clock

Imagine for a moment the blinds are about to go up. You are sitting with a big stack. The player who takes the blind next has $400 in chips and the big blind is $200. If you can stall and wait for the big blind to raise to $400, you have cut that players chance of survival in half. THIS IS A GOOD THING PLAYERS!

Imagine the reverse. Instead of having lots of chips, you have only few and it is now bubble time. The last thing you want to do is go out on the bubble. You notice a players at other tables with few chips and their blinds coming up. You would be stupid to play fast and take a chance of going bust when all you need do is stall and let them bust first.

The stratagies abound. Maybe the player who just went all in has a tell, a tell you can get by just holding your cards and waiting. Maybe the longer he waits for you to act, he gets nervous and his tell is exposed.

Once again tournament poker is getting ruined by implementing rules that favor losers. The Shot Clock is such a scam and as such, should be boycotted.

Here are a few other problems no one has addressed:

1) A poker dealers job is to run the game, deal cards, and watch for cheaters. If he has to constantly monitor a computer for each player’s action, other players can easily get away with marking cards, sneaking chips on or off the table, stealing chips from other players (oh yes, I have seen all this).

2) Now with a new distraction for a dealer at the table, expect more mistakes. Maybe one of those dealer mistakes may cost you the tournament. Is a Shot Clock worth that?

3) What happens when the clock doesn’t work. Oh yeah, all casinos now have computers at the table to track players and shuffle cards. These things break. A Shot Clock table (or timed table) will break down in the middle of your play.

Here at, we believe if you are a skilled player who needs time to set your traps, the Shot Clock will hurt you. It’s also bad for the game. Let’s keep poker a game of skill not a game of chance.

Why I Deserve To Be In The Poker Hall Of Fame

March 24th, 2014
Written by admin

Nominations for the Poker Hall Of Fame took place with two winners announced at the 2012 WSOP Final Table in November.

Word has it that I, Will Boyett, was nominated for the first time since the PHOF started in 1979. Now I need your votes to win:

Criteria a person needs to be inducted are:

  • A player must have played poker against acknowledged top competition
  • Played for high stakes
  • Played consistently well, gaining respect of their peers
  • Stood the test of time
  • Or, for non players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results

I played poker successfully for 8 years as a pro before retiring. I’ve certainly played the biggest games the casino had. I’ve worked tirelessly over my long career to promote and uphold the highest ethics of poker.

In tournament play, I’ve played against many of the best players in the world. I’ve stood the test of time through all my contributions over the last 30 years. Just take a look at my resume:

1) Author of “How To Play Omaha Hi-Lo Split For Fun And Profits” first published in 1982 and an instant bestseller at all the local casinos in the Los Angeles area.
2) Appeared on the cover of Poker Digest in 2000.
3) Promoted the growth of poker tournaments on various radio shows including “Conway and Steckler Show”.
4) Pioneered the growth of poker tools by coining the term “Poker Tools” and building the first website ( dedicated to bringing these tools to the poker playing masses. Today there are many impersonators and most every poker site has a “Poker Tool” section.
5) Invented the world’s first point count system for Omaha High-Low Split in 1981 called the “Boyett Point Count System”. This count system inspired other authors to create their own versions.
6) Was the poker dealer at the final table on three episodes of the WPT as well as one episode of the PPT.
7) Inventor of Luckalyzer, the world’s first luck analyzing app that was tested and proven (at the 2010 WSOP, thanks to Nolan Dalla) to have the ability to predict the luck of any player in advance. The applications for this in the poker world are huge.
8 ) For 9 years I was the Satellite Director for the world’s largest cardroom. I was respected and admired by players for running an honest and organized event.
9) I hold the world’s record for having the most sattelite tables going at one time by one person (not counting dealers). I had 55 tables (550 players) open at once by myself. Think about it, it takes 2-3 minutes to start a table. 55 tables started = about 2 hours. Since a sattelite ends in 1 to 1.5 hours, they were ending before I was done opening. Those ending had to be paid off (another few minutes each) and restarted. It was something 550+ poker players have never seen before and probably never will again.
10) I can also be found in the WPT poker game available for Playstation II or X-Box.

I feel the above shows that I have contributed to the overall growth and success of poker. My point count system and poker websites have inspired other writers and developers. And my latest apps are already changing the way people play poker.

Thank you so much for your support, Will Boyett

P.S. This link has pictures of me at work and play in the gaming industry.

Multi-Entry Tournaments Are For Losers

January 5th, 2014
Written by admin

Why anyone would play in a multi entry tournament is beyond me. In case you have been hiding in a cave the last few years, multi-entry tournaments allow a player who was knocked out, to get back into the SAME tournament! That truly defeats the purpose of a tournament.

There are several reasons why multi-entry tournaments are for losers. I’ll outline the two most important ones below.

1) Ever notice how hard it is to find a rebuy tournament nowadays? That’s because the casinos have figured out that rebuys don’t generate income for the casino but a re-entry will (because the player has to pay all the entry fees again).

Therefore, most casinos have stopped spreading rebuys and now suck the players dry via the reentry. It’s amazing how most poker players haven’t figured this out. They still line up for hours to play in these tournaments, happy to have 20% to 30% of their money going into the banks of the casinos, not into the prize pool.

2) The second biggest reason is because these tournaments are designed for losers to play in. So if you participate, you must also think you are a loser yourself.

Think about this for a minute. The reason you buy into a tournament is because you plan to WIN. Therefore, why would you enter a mult-entry tournament and give your opponents another shot to take you out? If you knock one player out and he keeps coming back in, eventually the odds dictate he’ll knock you out. You can’t win every hand against the same player.

More than likely you enter a multi-entry tournament because YOU feel you need the insurance in case you get knocked out. Going into a tournament thinking like a loser, will only make you a loser with no chance to win. You are already defeated in your mind.

I would love to hear your comments below.

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