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3 Things You Must Avoid In Poker To Save Your Bankroll

August 19th, 2008 | Filed Under: Poker Strategy

A professional poker player knows the importance of managing and maintaining their poker playing bankroll. Without a bankroll, the game is over. No more action, you are finished. Don’t let this happen to you. Let me show you three things you can watch for in your play right now. Avoid them and your bankroll will grow faster.

#1: Becoming Too Emotional At The Table

Bad beats will happen. Losing sessions will happen. You must learn to live with these things or you will drive yourself crazy. Not to mention what it does to your bankroll. Letting your emotions get the best of you and your play is a quick way to burn up your bankroll.

#2: Not Considering Opponents’ Hands

Poker is a game of relative strength. It does not matter how strong your hand is. It only matters how strong your hand is in relation to other people’s holdings. Many players just focus on the strength of their own hand and do not consider what other people might be holding. Breaking this thought process is of paramount importance to becoming a winning poker player.

#3: Not Following Etiquette

This is a mistake that most beginners make but I still see pros do it too. When you want to make a raise, never say, “I call your bet and raise..” Your first statement is considered your action. By saying, “I call …”, it means you just want to call. If you intend to raise, say “raise”. In No-Limit it would be wise to also state the amount of the raise. Stating the amount of the raise also protects you from the “one motion rule” which many casinos have adopted. Don’t let a little slip of the tongue cost you missed bets.

By recognizing if you are guilty of any of the above, and if you take the steps I outlined, your bankroll will grow faster, and you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

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