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Are Hold ‘Em Players Hypocrites?

May 28th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Talk

Chop the chipsWhy don’t more players play Omaha Hi-Lo?. To find out, I asked dozens of Hold ‘Em players why they didn’t play Omaha Hi-Lo.

The number one reason I heard was: “I don’t like to chop pots.” .

I hate to tell you folks, even Omaha players don’t like to chop pots and they still play. That is NOT a good reason to not play the game. You see, the purpose of Omaha Hi-Lo is not to chop pots, but to WIN THE WHOLE POT!.

Who told Hold ‘Em players the goal of Omaha Hi-Lo is to chop pots? The goal, like Texas Hold ‘Em, is to win the WHOLE POT. I’ve seen Hold ‘Em players chop pots also. In fact, I saw a hand once where it was an eight way chop. You would never see that in Omaha Hi-Lo.

Then after chopping the pot, the Hold ‘Em player inevitably says; “well it’s better than losing the pot“, or “I’ll take a chop anytime“. Seems the Hold ‘Em player loves to chop also. Does that make Hold ‘Em players hypocrites?

By now you are probably thinking (provided you are a Hold ‘Em player), “we DO play for the whole pot, but are happy to chop instead of losing“.

Well guess what, this is the same goal of Omaha Hi-Lo. You play to win the whole pot (called a scoop). If you miss it, then it’s always nice to chop and get money back on your failed scoop. However here is the kicker Hold ‘EM  doesn’t have..

In Omaha, more players come in to the pot chasing for only half a pot.  When they miss (roughly half the time), it makes for a MUCH bigger pot than in Hold ‘Em, where you don’t have the extra chasers.

The next time you have to wait for a Hold ‘Em game, try Omaha Hi-Lo. But remember, play only the right hands to scoop the pot. What hands are the right ones? We’ll cover that in another post. Make sure you don’t miss it. Subscribe to this blog today. You’ll see several links on this page as well as in your browser where you can subscribe by feed or email.

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