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Bad Stud Hi- Lo Play

November 7th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Strategy

Heads UpI’ve been playing a lot of Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo lately. Primarily because the players are so bad the money just rolls in.

Here is something I see a lot of players do and it just makes no sense (but it does add a lot of $$ to my pocket).

After four cards, the play gets down to heads up. My opponent will have (let’s say the game is $2-$4 but this could apply to a any limit) maybe $3 invested in the pot. I have a big high hand, or perhaps 4 really good low cards. I bet out out.

My opponent is drawing to either a high or a low hand. Either way if he makes his hand he gets half the pot. So now in a $2-$4 game, he is willing to invest $12 more to get his $3 back. If he doesn’t make it, he loses all $15.

My take on this is, unless you can scoop, why chase $12 just to get your money back? The best strategy here is to just fold the hand, lose the $3, but save your $12.

OK since I’m on the topic of bad plays in Stud Hi-Lo, here is another.

One player has four low cards showing, another player has high cards showing. One player bets the other raises. Now, everyone else in the pot folds and the bettor calls.

The two players chop the pot. The raise gained no extra profit! That is a stupid play. Even if you have a monster hand, if it is obvious your opponent is going the other way, just call and get all the extra callers to donate to your hand.


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