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Don’t Let Emotion Get In The Way Of You Winning

June 1st, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Talk

Don't Go On TiltEmotions.. they can ruin a good bankroll. Eliminating emotions (or controlling them) from the game WILL increase your bankroll.

How many times have you seen a player take a bad beat, then go on tilt by chasing everything or raising everything (trying to get their money back from the previous hand(s))? Too many to count.

How about the player that got beat by some guy chasing two outs or perhaps he was bluffed by some player so now he raises every time that player comes in the pot (he’s trying to burn that players chips). Too many to count.

How many times have you heard a player, who after losing and then making a comeback, say “I just need a few more chips to break even then I’m going home”? They do go home but most of the time they go home deep in the hole. Greed wouldn’t let him leave sooner with just a small loss.

Perhaps you are guilty of some of these. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t let emotions (your heart) control your playing, let your brain.

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