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One Player Per Hand

August 29th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Talk

The other day I’m sitting in a Stud Hi-Lo game and the following happens. This happens in any type of game but is more prevalent in Stud games.

A player has three eights showing on his board and another player has AA and 44 showing. Someone mentions, “Oh this could be a jackpot.” Another player speaks up and says “No it can’t, one of the Aces is gone and his fourth eight is gone.”

I immeadiately say, “One player per hand please.”. The player who was reading the cards for everyone starts saying he can say what he wants, etc.. Needless to say I had to call the floorman to straighten this player out.

I see this happen everyday in Hold Em, Stud, and Omaha Someone can’t read the board or forgot which cards have come out. Another player tells them the missing card or reads the board for them.

Or a player will say “Who raised?”. Another player tells them who the raiser is.

All casinos have rules prohibiting this. It is one player per hand, no collusion. I know some folks come to have fun and play with their friends. When you help your friends out, that is collusion and against the rules.

If a player wants to know who raised, he should quit reading his magazine or eating at the table and pay attention. After all, his money is at stake.

If a player can’t see what is on the board, the dealer can move the cards closer for the player to read. No one is allowed to read the board for them. What if  a player reads the board wrong for another player?

As for Stud, the whole skill and strategy in the game is remembering which cards have been exposed. Telling a player which cards have been previously shown defeats the purpose of Stud.

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  1. Hello, I check your new stuff regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

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