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Poker Tells

August 8th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Tell

There have been a lot of stories written about tells. Most I’ve read never seem to be true. Of course then, maybe I play with such a high caliber of poker pros who have read the books on tells that they know the tell and give it out for the opposite reason.

The following tells have always tipped me off as to when a player has a monster hand:

1> They shake their head no (or come out cussing, as if the card that came up hurt them), and then come out betting. Monster hand!

2> They say “Who’s it up to”, and then when it is their turn, they come out betting. Monster hand!

3> On online poker, a player who takes a long time to think about what to do, then comes out betting. Monster hand!

4> Or the player who bets, then picks up his hand (while you are thinking about whether to call) and holds it as if he is about to throw it away usually has a monster hand.

Those are just some of the tells I have found to be accurate.

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