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Quad House

September 9th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Talk

This is a new term that was recently passed around at our local poker game. It is a name given to a hand that we thought should rank higher than a Royal Flush. Definately higher than Four Of A Kind.

The hand occurs in Texas Hold Em when there is three of a kind on the board and you hold the fourth one in your hand. In addition to you haveing the four of a kind, the kicker in your hand must also match one of the cards on the board.

For example, you have 10-2 and the board has 2-2-2-J-10. You would have a Quad House. Unfortunately you need to play six cards so you’ll never find this hand ranking in your local public card room, but for a home game, you may want to add it to your rankings as a different variation of poker.

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