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Seeing Others Cards While Playing Online

June 11th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Tools

See others cards onlineEver see online players bet really stupid hands and then hit them on the flop and win a big pot? Ever have a big hand yourself and you bet while everyone folds? You ever get the feeling others know whats coming or what you have in your hand?

 Well, they probably do. There is software that works at many of the major online sites that actually allows you to see others hands and what will flop. I saw the software for sale on this website once for around $600. The next time I returned, the site was gone. Guess they figured it was so good, why sell it when they good make a fortune using it.

While the site was upthey explained how it works. Since I’m a software programmer, their explanation made sense. 

Cards are dealt and shuffled based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). Unfortunately nothing in a computer is random, a computer does not have a brain but does what a programmer tells it to do. So a RNG is not truly random. It operates on a set of rules set by a programmer.

Usually it starts with a “seed”. Some calculation that changes all the time. For example, how many chips all the players have divided by seat 1 then multiplied by seat 2, etc.. Since the chip count changes and with a rake etc.. the “seed” will change from hand to hand. The “seed” is the starting point of the shuffle. The seed is always based on some event that changes.

Now the software you buy will run and monitor many hands until it “cracks” the code and figures out what the seed is calculated on. From their on.. it will know how the deck is shuffled and can pretty accurately (so the software makers website claims) predict what will come on the flop and what will be in the other players hands. Armed with this knowledge you play accordingly.

How else would some guy cap it with 7-2 offsuit pre-flop, and then the flop comes 772. He’s probably using the software. Beware.

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