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Superstitions And The Luck Factor While Playing Poker

October 3rd, 2008 | Filed Under: Poker Talk -Poker Tools

I have two superstitions at poker. Whenever I make change at the table, I seem to start losing. My other superstition has to do with the first hand I play. If I win the first hand, I never seem to win another hand again.Maybe you have these same superstitions. Superstitions can be fun and harmless. However, they could also make you go broke.For example, maybe you hit a jackpot once with J-3 offsuit so now you believe it to be lucky and play it every time. Playing a hand for this reason is not good enough. Your criteria for playing a hand should be because of its quality, not because you made a big score with it once.Another superstition to avoid is the lucky seat. How many times have you picked a seat at a table only because it was the same seat you won in yesterday? Luck comes and goes. What was lucky yesterday is not always lucky the next day. You should choose a seat based on the players. I personally like tight players on my right and loose players on my left. I can make a lot more moves in this arrangement.

The worst superstition of all is blaming the poker dealer for your lack of skill. I have seen losing players cuss at the dealer, say things like, “I never win with you”, “You are bad luck”, and “Change the dealer”. Of course they eventually do change the dealer and that player keeps on losing. Obviously it wasn’t the dealer.

Gambling involves luck. While luck tends to even itself out over the long run, people naturally focus on the short run and on their fluctuations. You can not change luck it will even itself out over the long run. Concentrate on playing well and you will win over the long run.

If you believe in superstitions and luck, and would like to harness the power of luck to accelerate your winnings, I recommend you visit for a look into the future. Here you will find your lucky days for playing poker, and most importantly, the days to avoid poker playing.

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