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When Is The Best Time To Play?

May 16th, 2007 | Filed Under: Poker Strategy

Time To PlayIf you are just out for fun and to socialize, I guess it could be whenever you have free time. But this post is for those who take playing cards seriously and want to make money.

That said, you do want to play when you are at your most rested and alert. However, I have found that certain times of the day brings out different types of players. You want to match those players with your personality and playing style.

For example, I’m not a very lucky person. I hardly ever suck out on anyone. I’m also a tight, aggressive player who will rarely chase a flush or straight. Now that I’ve analyzed my playing style let’s look at my opponents.

I’ve noticed that in the evening, you’ll find younger, more reckless players who like to build big pots. These are great people to play against if you are a lucky person and love to chase yourself as the larger pots make it worthwhile.

As for me, I have found that those who play in the morning and early afternoon suit my playing style better. At this time I usually find the losers who are chasing in hopes of getting their loses back from the previous night. They are tired and not in their best frame of mind. You’ll also find the other professional poker players. They are usually tighter and more predictable in their playing style. Perfect for my style of play since I usually like to bluff and rarely have a hand that is higher than two pair.

Do you have a special time of the day to play? Post here the whys and whens.

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